Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sarah Palin is not just a politician. She is a concerned citizen.

Sarah Palin is not a politician. She is a concerned citizen. She entered politics because things weren’t quite right in her town. She fixed them. She brought down the State Republican Party Chairman and the sitting governor because they got cozy with the oil companies to the detriment of her fellow citizens.

Yes, she is a conservative Christian. She has no desire to advance that as an agenda - different strokes for different folks. I don’t believe that she ever even thought about The Senate. She’s a doer not a talker.

Why all the attention to Palin and her family, and practically none for Joe Biden, the one-time plagiarist, and his family? Easy! First, she is a Republican. Worse, she's a conservative Republican touting traditional values. Moreover, she's pro-life. Egads! What could be worse than THAT to the orthodox Left?

She’ll be more than happy to finish her terms as Governor, satisfied that she has done her best for the people, and go back to hunting and fishing and, most of all, family.

That’s why we love her.

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