Sunday, April 26, 2009

It Was Just Earth Day, And I Never Even Knew It!

Oh was it Earth Day?
Had I known it, I would have recycled a plastic bag , and helped to save the planet!
Oh well, there always next year.

President Bush at least fulfilled his oath to protect the United States.

Obama on the other hand is violating his oath by putting the country at risk, creating disorder in the CIA and now the cutting of the military and our defense, and failure to respond to the crisis on the Mexican border. For these offenses alone he should be impeached.

This administration appears to be working on restricting the freedom of the press as well as the internet.
The Napolitano memo about “Right wing radicals”, I believe was intended to discourage people from going to the protests. (so much for freedon of speech and to organize). I also believe that there are arguments for many of the other amendments as well, though not as evident

There is one bright spot to all of this. All the people who were responsible for the tragedies of the 1990's are in the Obama Administration. The first attack on the WTC the attacks against our embassies, the Cole, the N.Koreans given our nuclear technology and let us not forget giving China our missile technology. How did the Clinton years lead to what happened after Bush was elected? Where there treasonous activities from the people whom now want a full disclosure of what the Bush people did? Does this Democrat majority really want us to know how they are involved in this debacle? Maybe let us go back and check out just what our government did and did not do to secure this nation and what really led up to 9-11. At least we need to start with Carter and how his policies helped keep U.S. hostages in Iran for 444 days. What did the Carter Admin offer the Iranians to get our hostages home?
There's just no way out. I don't see how this deplorable piece of crap president will have me believe that the release of secret memos about interrogation techniques and the threat of exposing CIA agents in a court is not putting us all at risk of another attack. The move by Obama only emboldens the jihads. Once they see a video of an American agent inflicting "torture" on one of their own by slapping them or throwing them against a fake wall (oh the horror), they'll take a pause, laugh their asses off and go back to their jihadi business. Who needs Islamic enemies with the jihadi-friendly Idiot-in-Chief we have?

Friday, April 17, 2009

Obama ordered coverup of religious symbols at Georgetown

Ummm, let's see... first, the slip was about 'my muslim faith,', botched Oath of office, then bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia, Protector of Mecca, the 5 pillars of Islam-- no, the 5 pillars of the Economy, release of DHS profiling that fits most Christians, covering up the monogram of the Christ, releasing CIA documents of techniques valuable to Islamic extremists, the 47 states, able to recite the muslim call to prayer from memory with superb enunciation... hmmm, could it possibly be a Muslim has been slipped into the Presidency through lack of checking his background?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Somali pirate to face trial in New York

The captured Somali pirate who held a merchant ship captain hostage will be brought to New York to face trial, a U.S. official said Thursday. The suspect, identified as Abduhl Wal-i-Musi, was taken aboard a U.S. Navy ship shortly before Navy SEAL snipers killed the three remaining pirates holding Capt. Richard Phillips hostage on a lifeboat....
Well here we go. So what is the over/under that said Pirate gets acquitted (a Libtard Manhattan Juror, who feels that this poor young man hasn't received a fair deal in life and was just doing this out of desperation and deserves a pass) , or all charges thrown out by a libtard Fed Judge because this pirate's "rights" have been somehow violated.
Better make sure that someone read him his Miranda rights!!!
What a friggin joke.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Who is the most powerful person in the country,Obama, Nancy Pelosi or George Soros?

We all know that the puppet master behind Barack Obama is billionaire George Soros
Obama=A left wing radical who is maxing out the federal governments credit card.

Pelosi= A worthless liberal lunatic who should have been dethroned years ago.

Soros= A power hungry billionaire who has benefited highly from the new administration. Hes laughing at the entire drama unfolding, and pulling Obama's strings as he does. So many people do not really know how influential this man is, he is good at keeping in the background but his unlimited funds speak volumes. Everyone should research Soros, their eyes will be opened. Sores is the puppet master that runs Obama is the MAN that runs the country !

Obama is quiet on the pirate situation

So far President Barack Obama's role in the U.S. response to an American sea captain's kidnapping by Somali pirates has been zero.
He doesn't have a clue what to do and it's obvious.
But watch for 0bama to start using 'we' instead of 'I' regarding this subject, when he is forced to make a remark. I really want this pirate thing to end well, but my evil twin wants it to turn into something where people are screaming at Zero to 'do something!', then turn on him as being too violent towards the pirates when he does.

Can any of you smart libs explain how Sarah Palin was not qualified but Joe Biden is?

Sarah Palin Has as Much or More Experience in the Real World than the "Second Coming's Obama"! She Has at Least Run Something---a Large State!! What Are Obama's Accomplishments? Nothing. If He Didn't Have Oprah and George SorryAss Behind Him, He'd Still Be a Community Leader in Chicago.
What difference does it make what she reads - who gives a damn, like it would make that much a difference, you want her to plug a magazine or a newspaper? The women is highly intelligent or she wouldn't be holding the position she is holding now. Hey she's a woman and she is representing the female race and she isn't stupid like some high ranking men out there. Look at the whole picture of her quit just looking at the blunders that the media is picking out for you. You know it's really not the President/VP who run this country it's those fine Congress and Senators that actually have the finally say so - so start pointing fingers at them.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Obama to for Push Immigration Bill

My sense is that most people are getting up in arms over Obama and will eventually turn away from him as the bloom continues to fade. The real enemy of the Republic is the group of people who put him there, and that's where one's animosity should be directed.

I'm talking about the Mainstream Media...the aptly named Fourth Estate. They took an empty suit, totally narcissistic and ambitious, and created the image of the Messiah, pushing every emotional and ethnic button they could exploit.

Obama is what he's always been. His entire life has been in pursuit of the next highest rung on the ladder, and he has accomplished this while producing nothing of substance along the way. There is not one significant accomplishment one can point to. He is all talk.

But, back to the point. The main enemy is the MSM. They created Obama's persona. That's where one's attention should be directed and not simply at the magic man in front of the curtain.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

LMAO, the left really does live on a dfferent planet.

The left just can't stand the fact that Obama is making a fool out of himself. LMAO, the left really does live on a different planet.
What is this arrogant, inept, anti-American, Muslim that we have as a president think he's doing. He is so out of it, knows nothing, inexperienced and downright a danger to this country.
My sense is that most people are getting up in arms over Obama and will eventually turn away from him

Tea Parties.

One of the biggest supporters of the Tea Party movement is Glenn Beck, who also happens to be crushing CNN and MSNBC in the ratings. Is it just a coincidence that both Keith Olberdouche and CNN’s Rick Sanchez have been attacking Beck viciously of late?

I haven’t decided which local tea party to attend, but I will be at one of them for sure.