Friday, April 10, 2009

Who is the most powerful person in the country,Obama, Nancy Pelosi or George Soros?

We all know that the puppet master behind Barack Obama is billionaire George Soros
Obama=A left wing radical who is maxing out the federal governments credit card.

Pelosi= A worthless liberal lunatic who should have been dethroned years ago.

Soros= A power hungry billionaire who has benefited highly from the new administration. Hes laughing at the entire drama unfolding, and pulling Obama's strings as he does. So many people do not really know how influential this man is, he is good at keeping in the background but his unlimited funds speak volumes. Everyone should research Soros, their eyes will be opened. Sores is the puppet master that runs Obama is the MAN that runs the country !


  1. It's gotta be pelosi. She is the only one of the three with any balls. Not that I agree with her.

  2. While a lib myself, I have never been a fan of Pelosi, even when, or especially because, I lived in California.

    Thanks for stopping by The Mission.

  3. I would have to say Soros, he is the power broker behind the scenes, although I have to admit that it's a tough call.....

  4. Notice nobody picked Obama? :)

  5. BetteJo said...
    Notice nobody picked Obama? :)

    But Of Course!

  6. Happy Easter to you and to all of my blogging friends.

  7. Not even Republicans are safe from the influence of George Soros!
    Read the end of the third paragraph.

    "Billionaire financier George Soros bailed him (Bush) out and bought his company for 2.25 million."

    Bush's Spectrum 7 gets a bailout from Soros