Thursday, April 9, 2009

Obama to for Push Immigration Bill

My sense is that most people are getting up in arms over Obama and will eventually turn away from him as the bloom continues to fade. The real enemy of the Republic is the group of people who put him there, and that's where one's animosity should be directed.

I'm talking about the Mainstream Media...the aptly named Fourth Estate. They took an empty suit, totally narcissistic and ambitious, and created the image of the Messiah, pushing every emotional and ethnic button they could exploit.

Obama is what he's always been. His entire life has been in pursuit of the next highest rung on the ladder, and he has accomplished this while producing nothing of substance along the way. There is not one significant accomplishment one can point to. He is all talk.

But, back to the point. The main enemy is the MSM. They created Obama's persona. That's where one's attention should be directed and not simply at the magic man in front of the curtain.

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