Friday, April 10, 2009

Can any of you smart libs explain how Sarah Palin was not qualified but Joe Biden is?

Sarah Palin Has as Much or More Experience in the Real World than the "Second Coming's Obama"! She Has at Least Run Something---a Large State!! What Are Obama's Accomplishments? Nothing. If He Didn't Have Oprah and George SorryAss Behind Him, He'd Still Be a Community Leader in Chicago.
What difference does it make what she reads - who gives a damn, like it would make that much a difference, you want her to plug a magazine or a newspaper? The women is highly intelligent or she wouldn't be holding the position she is holding now. Hey she's a woman and she is representing the female race and she isn't stupid like some high ranking men out there. Look at the whole picture of her quit just looking at the blunders that the media is picking out for you. You know it's really not the President/VP who run this country it's those fine Congress and Senators that actually have the finally say so - so start pointing fingers at them.

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