Sunday, May 10, 2009

Obama Liked Wanda Sykes Joke About Rush Limbaugh — ‘I Hope His Kidneys Fail’

I love how Obama campaigned with the idea of mending party lines but as soon as he gets in office he cowers in the corner of left wing radicals, fearing that he won't survive if he upsets his base camp. It kind of shows his real “color” YELLOW! He is Pathetic.
Obama should stick to his day job. Now that's where all the real comedy is. Joe Biden & the president of these 57 states. That's the comedy gift that keeps on giving..
As for Wanda Sykes she is a tasteless, talent less despicable human being...she takes her rightful place behind the members of the main stream press. Birds of a feather...
The "woman" if you want to call IT that, was not funny. She completely misrepresented what Limbaugh said. She is a waste of human flesh - her oxygen should be cut off. Love Limbaugh or hate him, her remark was beyond the pale.
And let’s NOT forget Obama's joke about grounding his daughters over a joy ride to Manhattan on Air Force One. Do you think that was funny? I don’t, I thought it was way over the line to make a joke at of that! Once again he shows his lack of compassion.

And as for Dick Cheney, he is not afraid to step on toes and calls a spade a spade. What he said about Powell is absolutely right, and I wish more Republicans had the stones to speak out and say the same thing


  1. In addition, they call Rush the hate monger, who only wanted obama's socialist policies to fail.

    She also likened him to the 9/11 hijackers and defamed Gov Palin by quipping she should have pulled out, ie her former daughters boyfriend should have pulled out while having sex with Bristol. Yeah, real classy there liberal. Seeing Todd Palin was in the audience.

  2. I didn't find her to be funny, just plain stupid. Just another Dumb, un-funny, ugly liberal.

  3. Dick Cheney forgot more that Powell ever knew about politics.

  4. Thank the LORD for Dick Cheney!!

  5. Its time for our country to stand behind our president and get our economy back, forget about party lines we will be in food lines soon.
    if we all work together maybe we can recover from this horrid time in our country.
    Lets all get together and make a real change before all our rights are taken away.
    Maybe one day soon we can all just be AMERICANS> and not see our differences. The comedians and news media need to focus on the real issues.

  6. Hey Sleuthy why don't you get a life?

  7. Nice work Sleuth...keep exposing these frauds!